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Dr Michael Archinal working on a dog health program in Utopia

AMRRIC works nationally with regional councils, shires, Aboriginal corporations, universities, state and federal governments and AMRRIC member veterinarians and AMRRIC volunteers to enhance outcomes in dog management, health and control in remote Indigenous communities. AMRRIC members have been team players in programs delivered in remote communities, homelands and outstations all around Australia.

By improving the health and welfare of companion animals in a community, AMRRIC’s animal health programs contribute to an improvement in human health

AMRRIC’s key role is to facilitate and coordinate dog health programs. In some circumstances, AMRRIC has been funded to directly implement programs.

Our work:

  • assists with the control of dog populations through veterinarian-led desexing programs (addressing problems of noise, scavenging and attacks on humans)
  • empowers Aboriginal communities by providing the knowledge, training and resources that enable them to take responsibility for their animals’ health and welfare
  • delivers education programs to Indigenous school students, community members, environmental health practitioners, animal management workers and government and non-government organisations about all aspects of animal health and welfare in remote Indigenous communities
  • educates Indigenous communities specifically about parasites and diseases in companion animals, leading to a reduction in the transmission of disease from animals to people (zoonoses)
  • partners with government at all levels to develop animal health and welfare policy relevant to remote Indigenous communities
  • contributes to research programs across Australia and internationally, with the Cancer Genome Project in Cambridge, UK, and its work on Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour, a common disease in dogs in remote Australian communities. 

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