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There are many ways you, your organisation or your business can work with AMRRIC to improve the health and welfare of animals and people in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Fundraise in your community

If you  have a passion for making the world a better place for pets then its time to become a community fundraiser for AMRRIC. 
Community fundraisers for AMRRIC
By reaching out to your friends and loved ones, you can raise funds to support our work in remote communities and awareness about AMRRIC. There are many fun and creative ways to fundraise on AMRRIC's behalf, our supporters have held dog shows, hosted movies nights and auctioned artworks.

Everyday Heroes can change the world  

AMRRIC has partnered with Everyday Hero to offer our supporters the simplest way to community fundraise. You can now set up an AMRRIC Everyday Hero Supporter page so that family and friends can support your fundraising efforts. A Supporter page is a special webpage with a URL (link) that records your fundraising journey, it can be set up for individuals or teams. You can tell your story about being a  passionate AMRRIC supporter and share this link with your friends and family. Supporter pages let you, post updates, images and videos and sponsors can easily donate and leave a message of support.

Sign up to community fundraising for AMRRIC
If you would like advice about fundraising please contact our Fundraising Manager Mary Paton. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  • Get your running shoes on and enter the City to Surf or the Melbourne Age Marathon, or any running event that challenges you.
  • Host a high tea and ask your friends and family to each contribute their favourite cake for a morning of delicious sweets and great company. Everyone can pay an entrance fee to your supporter page to take part.
  • Hold a car wash in your street on Saturday morning and in return the happy clean car owners give to your supporter page.
  • Do you know a lot of busy people who are always complaining about never having time to get things done? Offer to run their errands for a small fee!
  • Hold a garage sale to get rid of all those unwanted items and raise money for your favourite cause

Create an AMRRIC Everyday Hero Supporter page

Meet our Everyday Hero Natalie

Natalie is not an everyday hero - she is an extraordinary hero. Thank you Natalie for being an awesome AMRRIC supporter! Natalie's challenge was to run 50km a day every day for the last 5 days of 2014. Yes, you read correctly - 50km x 5 days. Not only did Natalie complete this incredible running challenge she also smashed her $555 target and raised over $1300 for AMRRIC.

Natalie used Everyday Hero to set up a supporter page and then she emailed her friends and family to ask for support. She also did a great job of blogging about her challenge and she documented each run with images and the time it took to run each section. What an amazing effort! Natalie’s fundraising success helps AMRRIC to continue our One Health programs on remote Indigenous communities.

Every day hero Natalie


We can’t undertake our work without your help! AMRRIC is a tax deductible, not-for-profit organisation that relies on the generosity of individual donors and corporate sponsors, and funding from private trusts and foundations and government at all levels. Donate now online, or contact us to discuss other ways you can provide financial support, including becoming a regular monthly donor. Remember, all donations to AMRRIC are tax deductible.

AMRRIC also appreciates donated products, such as dog collars or animal health products, to support our dog health programs. Contact us to get an up to date program wish list. 

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